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1080p USB Charger Spy Hidden Camera


1. This product is simple and elegant, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, is the home security, education, life and other areas of the necessary practical tools, by the user’s favor.
2. Loop Recording,we recommend that you organize files in time,to avoid deleting important video file.
3. The camera save a video file in per 3 minutes,and the video file with the sound was recorded.
4. This camera without a built-in battery,just plug the camera into socket and it does work for you
Note: please do not plug the charger adapter into the socket for a long time(to extend the product use life)
5. Continue Recording: Just plug the camera into the socket,the camera red and blue light is turn on for 5s,red light is comes off,then the blue light flash 3 times),the camera start recording.
6: Time change: camera provides the video file to display the time of the function, you can set the time according to the actual needs of the time format for the year. Set the following method: connect the computer, find the mobile disk, click the right button on the disk space to move the mouse to the pop-up menu on the new “. You can also create a copy of this folder on your computer desktop as described above and then copy it to the disk folder. Open the time folder, set the time format, such as: 00:00:00 2000.01.01, year, month, day and hour, minute, second, separated by space. Then save. Save the file after the security exit hardware, boot, time settings to complete. Time set up, the time of the video file with you set the time to. Note: the time is set up after a certain time to start to take effect.

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☛ Easily Monitor Your Home Or Business! With An Electronic Freedom Device Your Problems Are No More!

☛ Throw to the side all those noticeable cameras that shout “WE’VE GOT A CAMERA AT HOME” and get yourself this discrete beauty. Did we mention it was discrete, so that no one but you notices its hidden feature?

☛ It looks like an ordinary USB phone battery charger but it is so much more. All you need to do is plug it into any socket and let it do the rest.

☛ Our hidden security camera is extremely easy to use and install. Plug it into any AC outlet and the camera will start recording. There is no complicated setup or configuration needed.

☛ To watch your recorded videos, simply connect the USB Smart camera charger to your PC or Mac computer via the included USB cable.

☛ With A Smart Internal Memory Cart The built-in memory card will save everything so that you can watch it later. Even though the smart camera is very small, the video will be in high definition!

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16GB, 32GB, 8GB

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1 x Spy Charger Hidden Camera
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual