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3 Ports USB Charger – For Universal Battery Chargers

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  • Powerful 3-port, universal USB smart charger, Multi-port design perfect for a home or office charging station
  • Charges almost all apple iOS, google android, and Microsoft windows mobile devices
  • More powerful replacement for the USB charger provided with your phone, tablet, or other devices
  • Five dedicated smart charging ports automatically select the best possible charging mechanism for your devices



Product Name:                 Universal high-quality phone charger
Product solutions:           IC
Input voltage:                   110-240VAC (AC)
Output voltage:                5V (DC)
Ourput Current:               2A
Output voltage regulation: ± 5.0%
Output ripple & noise:   ≤80mVp-p
Delayed start time: Start time ≤500ms, hold time ≥20ms
Efficiency: 75%
Storage temperature:   5% -95% RH (non-condensing)
Protection: short circuit protection, over-current protection, overload protection
Environmental requirements: Operating temperature: -10 ~ + 60 full load
Product testing projects: No-load voltage, input current, load voltage, output ripple, shell  landing and visual inspection
Applications:High power,stable output,can be used for mobile phones,tablet PCs and other  digital products fast charge,can also be used for WIFI and wireless cameras and other  electronic devices
Packaging included: 1 * phone charger without cable


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