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Lazy Neck Phone & Tablet Holder

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Have you always wanted to comfortably watch movies in bed or read ebooks, without your arms getting tired? Or are you dropping your phone on your face when using it lying on your bed? This Lazy Neck Phone Holder is the best solution.

  • Provides convenience and comfort for a hands-free viewing at your preferred angle and distance.
  • Flexible to easily adjust and fit your needs
  • Very durable and perfect for any position.
  • Can rotate 360° to support your device horizontally or vertically.
  •  suitable for any phone or tablet under 10 inches wide.
  • Perfect for handsfree FaceTime, watching movie’s & enjoying music, GPS, and more on the go!
  • Stable and NO shake holder.

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Q.- Can it be used w/ any phone/tablet? Is it compatible with my device?

  • This Holder works with all devices ( Phones and Tablets ) because of the extendable frame.

Q. Does this product arrive already constructed?

  • It is just a 2 piece item that slips together. A 3 year old can figure it out and assemble it in 10 seconds.

Q.  Would it hold a phone steady as to film something on a table?

  • Yes it totally will! It is a very versatile item to have and can be used in many ways.

Q. How much does this weigh? Does it begin to feel heavy if worn around your neck with phone attached for an extended time?

  • This Holder is extremely light and can easily be worn around the neck for hours!

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1 * Phone holder